What makes a healthy soak?

What makes a healthy soak?

Recently we found ourselves a shiny new space to work on creating a brand new range of bath salts and we are SO excited to tell you about it! 

Nestled away in a small barn deep in the countryside, complete with our own kitchen, log fire and of course - bath tub, we have created a wonderful space to make wonderful products! With the changing seasons, it's really important to keep our ideas fresh and unique.

We've brought in a lot of colour this time around, a warm, indigo coloured and blueberry scented bath on a winters evening to soothe those tired muscles is just what the doctor ordered. 

We've tried and tested everything in the tranquillity of a home, at different times during the day and evening to see where each creation fits best. We can't wait to see how these new products make you feel and we'd LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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